Welcome to the great Indoors. In Round Top Texas at Lone Star Glamp Inn, guests are able to camp in trailers and tents inside of a warehouse.

There are 10 trailers that are all decorated with a different theme and with their own front porch. All you have to do is bring your own sheets.

Kaci and Sterling VanCoutren opened the Lone Star Glamp Inn three years ago in 2015.

However, they want to use the space for more than just a weekend getaway for some.

"One of the things I like doing is trying to giveback some." Sterling VanCoutren said.

"We've had some youth groups come in here and we are really just trying to giveback and spread a messge with that. I am looking for a charity to get involved with, and the first think that came to my mind was children with autoimmune deficiencies from cancer treatments," VanCoutren said.  

"They might not be able to go outdoor camping, we can bring them indoors. I think that would be one of the most rewarding things." VanCoutren said.  

If you are interested in this unique lodging expereience, you can make a reservation or discover more on their website: