The NoBro community council of North and Broussard hall held their biggest event of the year.

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The NoBro Community Council of North and Broussard Hall held a “Hoedown Throwdown” event in the Residential College Complex courtyard.

This event mostly gathered surrounding students from the west side of campus in the area. It was the biggest event of the year hosted by NoBro, a group of students who reside in North and Broussard Hall. Over one hundred people came out to the bash.

There was music, mini carnival games like corn hole and ring toss, free barbecue, and the main attraction--a mechanical bull.

The bull was a hit. Students rode the mechanical bull multiple times throughout the night. 

North Hall president Tharuka Fernando spoke about how the events were a way to have social gatherings since COVID-19 makes it a struggle for students to interact.

“It’s really hard to get our residents out for them to network, socialize, and make friends for the whole college experience,” Fernando said.

Hoedown Throwdown was NoBro's last event of the year. ”Our goal is to bring everyone out, and to have a good time,” Fernando added.