Every year in the first week of October, College Radio Day finds itself in the heart of a major university around the country. This year, it was LSU. 

KLSU’s Taylor Hickman explained what the annual celebration means.
"College Radio Day statrted in 2010 and is a national event that celebrates the unique listeners of college radio. We also aim to celebrate local artists."  
One of those local artists is George Lescano, lead singer of the local band Screaming underwater. 
"It means a lot us because we actually a contest to see who would be the opener. When we won it showed that there are a lot of people who really care about our band and want to see us succeed."
The last performance of the night came from a band named Alibaster Stag, and they explained what it meant to be the headliners.
"It's really cool because we got asked to play, we didn't have to ask anybody. That means the community really digs what's going on locally."
Overall College Radio day was a success, bringing in tons of college students from around Baton Rouge.