What you may think as just another thing on your to-do list this weekend could actually be a dream to some people.

The Louisiana Gubernatorial Election is this Saturday and every vote counts.

While the Gubernatorial Primary Election turnout was 45.9 percent according to the Secretary of State's office, some countries do not even have precincts to go to. 

Comparative Politics Professor, Dr. Jeong Kim, said that there are still countries that don't allow voting.

"Most countries that are mostly located in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, or some parts in Asia do not allow citizens to get involved in the selection process for their leaders meaning that they do not have the rights to vote," Kim said.

As of 2018, there are 50 nations that are dictatorships. Most dictatorships don't allow voting, and those that do are corrupted in favor of the ruling party.

Graduate student, Monsif Shawky, moved to the United States from Egypt in 2017 after Egypt underwent a tragic military coup.

"Unfortunately, we had a military coup that they just kicked the president out of the palace, and they took charge of the countries," Monsif said. "Since 2013, I think they killed almost 20,000."

Although Egypt is now known as a semi-presidential democracy, Shawky said voting in Egypt has a different definition. 

"If anyone would just say or mention that I want to run for presidency right now in Egypt, he would be in jail in seconds, but we still have the rights to vote," said Shawky.

While some dictatorships strive for democratization, Kim explained the importance of not wasting the voice that many others don't have.

"So having the right to vote means that citizens have the ability to hold the leaders accountable," said Kim.

Voting for the next Louisiana Governor will take place at local voting polls on Saturday, November 16.